You usually sign two standard bail contracts. By signing for a defendant you are guaranteeing to the Bail Bonds Company that you will have the defendant appear at each court appearance. (There are usually several court appearances and you are responsible for all.)  We’ll let you know of each court date and you can keep up to date by calling us as well to check on any new court information. Should defendant fail to appear in court, you risk paying the entire bond amount (total liability) to the Bail Bond Company if you cannot get the defendant back to court as soon as possible.

Two contracts you will sign are the Indemnity Agreement and Promissory Note.

Indemnity Agreement:
To hold harmless. You will assure the Bail Bond Company that you will hold us harmless against any loss/cost on this bond if defendant fails to appear. There is usually no cost to get the defendant back to court as long as they are willing to get there immediately.

Promissory Note:
You promise to pay back the total sum of the bond within a certain time frame if the defendant fails to appear (skips bond) and refuses to go back to court.

Once the cases are closed and the judge has adjudicated or resolved them, then the contracts become Null and Void.